Making a King Size Bed Work in a Tight Space

One of Our Wednesbury, United kingdom Customer Contact toFurNiche House with a dilemma that she was determined to overcome a problem related to her bedroom
She had always wanted a king-size bed, mentioning that she is finally settled in her career and was living on her own. She felt it was about time she treated herself, plus, her boyfriend would be moving in and there was not enough space for both of them in her twin bed. There was just one little problem; the size of her bedroom is small! Determined to make a king bed work, she needed our help finding the right, complete bedroom set. Her biggest concern was storage and Comfy Mattress and she knew by adding a bed of this size in her small space, she would not have much room for anything else.
The first thing We FurNiche House needed to do was find her bedroom furniture that optimizes storage. A bed frame with built-in storage would be bulkier but would give her an additional place to put her items. When it came to a Mattress, we suggested her 2000 AS Springs & Memory Foam Soft Mattress, due to the limitations of her space, we recommended purchasing a tall dresser with one nightstand. Since two nightstands would be ideal seeing that two people would be using the bed. The use of one nightstand would flow with the bed placed in a corner. For even more storage, we suggested she get creative:
            Mount wire baskets to the back of the door.
            Store items in a way that features them as a design element.
One more little trick we suggested was to add a mirror on a wall. Mirrors reflect light, which in return which could make any room look bigger.
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We can't make the impossible happen, but if your bedroom is at least around 10 ft. by 10 ft., it's likely you could make your dreams of having a king-size bed come true. (Most of the king-size beds we sell out measure around 5 ft).
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